Editorial Team

The editorial board consists of:

Chief Editor

Pete Robertson (Edinburgh Napier University)


Fiona Christie  (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Tristram Hooley (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences)

Career Development Institute Representative

Oliver Jenkins

NICEC Fellows and International Fellows

Rosie Alexander (University of the West of Scotland) 

Jane Artess (independent)

Gill Frigerio (University of Warwick)

Peter McIlveen (University of Southern Queensland)

Mary McMahon (University of Queensland)

MAximus Sefotho (University of Johannesburg)

Rie Thomsen (Aarhus University, Denmark)

Articles received will undergo an open peer review by members of the editorial board and an additional pool of reviewers including, but not limited to:

Anthony Barnes (Independent)

David Andrews (Independent)

Siobhan Neary (University of Derby)

Michelle Stewart (Independent) 

David Winter (University of London)

The editors and the reviewers are fellows of NICEC.  For information about the fellows see:  https://www.nicec.org/pages/16-fellows